Iowa State Fair 2013: AllSpice Snack Mix Contest

Iowa_State_Fair_FoodThe first recipe for a “Party Mix” appeared on the back of a cereal box in 1952, and ever since then, snack aficionados (afficionadi?) have been experimenting with the perfect combination of texture, crunch, spice, sweet, and savory.

What’s your secret ingredient for the perfect snack mix? Share your recipe with us, and you could win fame and fortune! (Okay, you win a nice AllSpice gift certificate, and the respect and admiration of all your fellow AllSpice blog and newsletter readers).

Here are the details of the AllSpice Snack Mix Contest:
Snack Mix Classes (Categories)

  1. Salty snack mix
  2. Chocolate snack mix
  3. Sweet and salty snack mix

We’re looking for a traditional “chex-mix” type party snack.  Primary ingredients may be corn, wheat or rice cereal squares, rye or bagel chips, bread sticks, pretzels, nuts, and oyster crackers. There is no limit on the types of seasonings or ingredients used to flavor the overall mix, but your recipe should include an ingredient (or seven!) from AllSpice.

Entries in all classes will be judged on taste, appearance, and “snack-ability” (that is the ability of the judges to eat without coating our fingers in flavoring).


  • Overall best snack mix: $25 AllSpice Gift Certificate
  • 1st Prize (in each class): $25 AllSpice Gift Certificate
  • 2nd Prize (in each class): $15 AllSpice Gift Certificate
  • 3rd Prize (in each class): $10 AllSpice Gift Certificate

Every entrant in every contest also receives a 5 oz bottle of Balsamic Vinegar.

Need a little snack to give you sustenance for the recipe-writing? Here are some of our recipes for Snack Mix (including last year’s Iowa State Fair winners!).

Deadline for State Fair contest entries is July 1, 2013. You can find the Iowa State Fair food contest brouchure, with entry fees (essentially, $5/entry) and all other rules and details on the Iowa State Fair website (.pdf).

If you have any questions or need clarification about the AllSpice contests, please stop by the shop, phone us (515-868-0808), or drop us an email.

Photo credit: Elisabeth