It’s That Time Again… (Part 1)

Back To School-Time, that is. Your social media news feeds are probably like ours this week: half of your friends and loved ones sharing “first day of school” photos of well-scrubbed, well-dressed little kids, the other half of your friends and loved ones sharing (with button-busting pride, and heartbreaking loss) pictures of their big kids moving into their first college dorm, or into their first off-campus (or post-college) apartment.

Maybe those kids headed to school are even your own children or grandchildren (or perhaps *you’re* headed back to school!).

However you look at the calendar, and at the news on your social networks, it’s back-to-school time. Everyone’s attention is turning to school-year meal ideas: preparing easy weekday breakfasts – lunches that aren’t boring – healthy DIY after-school snacks – dressing up cafeteria meals – no-fuss cooking for the dorm room or sparsely-equipped kitchen.

You’ll find simple solutions to kick-start school year meal and snack ideas in our Chomp and Circumstance box, and in the AllSpice Ready, Set, Go! starter kit.

Chomp and Circumstance ($24, above) contains six of our most popular seasoning blends, ranging from savory Five Onion Dip Blend and versatile Gusto Pizza Co Seasoning Blend to Caramel Sugar (good on everything from breakfast oatmeal to microwave popcorn to hot tea). For the not-so-experienced snack-maker or dorm-dweller, each jar in this box will have a sticker on the lid, with ideas for easy use.

For the novice cook who needs some “building blocks” for their first kitchen, Ready, Set, Go! ($16, above) consists of the six herbs and spices no kitchen should do without: Kosher Salt, Ground Black Pepper, Premium Paprika, Granulated Garlic, Mediterranean Oregano, and Thyme Leaf.

With the six basic components of the Ready Set Go set, you can make spaghetti sauce, pizza, soup, burgers, or tacos, among many other recipes. Give the budding chef the tools they need to make every simple dish a big hit!

Be sure and let your journeyman chefs know that they can find lots of help and ideas and recipes on the AllSpice website, and that we even have a whole batch of easy recipes to give support and inspiration.

Bon Appetit!