January Food Holidays

AllSpice_Hot_Tea_MonthMeat. Soup. Oatmeal. Hot tea. Chocolate cake. January’s food holidays are all about warmth, simple comforts, and hearty culinary pleasures.

Month-long Food Holidays:
Bread Machine Baking Month (here are our Bread Recipes)
National Candy Month (some of our favorite candy recipes)
National Egg Month (recipes for Egg dishes)
National Hot Tea Month (may we suggest Spiced Hot Tea, or homemade Chai Tea or Spiked Holiday Chai)
National Meat Month (Recipes for Pork dishes, Poultry entrees, Beef dishes, and BBQ favorites here)
National Oatmeal Month (Oatmeal-related recipes here)
National Soup Month (lots of Soup and Stew ideas here)
National Wheat Bread Month
Prune Breakfast Month (how about White Pepper Creme Brulee with Fig and Prune Compote?)

Week-long Food Holidays:
National Pizza Week happens the second week in January (Pizza recipes for you)
National Meat Week comes on the fourth week of January (see National Meat Month, above)
National Irish Coffee Week, pictured, perfect for this coldest part of winter, is also the fourth week in January (We make good Irish Coffee here)

Irish CoffeeMore January Food Holidays:
January 1: Bloody Mary Day and Apple Gifting Day (?)
January 2: National Cream Puff Day
January 3: Chocolate Covered Cherry Day
January 4: National Spaghetti Day (What’s the difference among spaghetti, fettucine, and linguine? We tell you here) (Also, see all our pasta recipes).
January 5: National Whipped Cream Day
January 6: Bean Day (bean recipes here) and National Shortbread Day (we have five different ways to make shortbread) and also the celebration of Epiphany (make a traditional King Cake for the holiday)
January 7: National Tempura Day
January 8: English Toffee Day (we top ours with chocolate – how about you?)
January 9: National Apricot Day
January 10: Bittersweet Chocolate Day
January 11: Milk Day (for the kids) and Hot Toddy Day (for the grown-ups)
January 12: Curried Chicken Day (we like these recipes for Chicken Curry, and for Curried Chicken Salad)
January 13: National Peach Melba Day
January 14: National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day
January 15: Strawberry Ice Cream Day
January 16: National Fig Newton Day, as well as International Hot & Spicy Food Day
January 17: Hot-Buttered Rum Day
January 18: Peking Duck Day
January 19: National Popcorn Day (all you need to know about the Magic and Science of Popcorn)
January 20: National Buttercrunch Day, and National Cheese Lover’s Day, as well as National Granola Bar Day and National Coffee Break Day (Cheese recipes, granola recipes, and some coffee-related cool stuff)
January 21: New England Clam Chowder Day
January 22: National Blonde Brownie Day
January 23: National Pie Day (browse our pie posts and recipes)
January 24: National Peanut Butter Day
January 25: National Irish Coffee Day, and also Burns Night (to celebrate the Scottish poet, Robert Burns. No haggis, please).
January 26: National Pistachio Day (Pistachio recipes, from Chex Mix to cake, to curry sauce)
rich cakesJanuary 27: Chocolate Cake Day (let us recommend Chocolate Coffee Lava Cake, Easy Chocolate Cake, or Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Filling)
January 28: National Blueberry Pancake Day (Here’s all you need to know about pancakes, from crepes to pfannekuchen).
January 29: National Corn Chip Day
January 30: National Croissant Day
January 31: Brandy Alexander Day