Kickasserole Party!


Last weekend, the AllSpicers got together for what we’ve dubbed a “Kickasserole” party: our occasional staff potluck that features, you guessed it, the most kick-#ss casseroles and comfort foods you can imagine.

Rory explained the concept, before we had our first Kickasserole party, about five years ago: “What we are going for here are those wacky things that don’t sound all that tasty, but are always surprisingly good.”

The Kickasserole “rules” are simple. Bring a casserole or comfort food to share.

Ideally, your dish needs to include at least one of the following (decidedly not-gourmet) ingredients:

  • Spam or Deviled Ham or other canned processed meat product
  • Cool whip
  • Jello or pudding mix
  • Durkee’s fried onions (like you put on a green bean casserole)
  • Canned soup
  • Minute Rice
  • Velveeta or some form of processed cheese food thing
  • Mayonnaise or (oh no please for the love of all that is good in the world) Miracle Whip
  • Soda, ice cream/sherbet, or storebought dessert/candy


We couldn’t make it to this year’s Kickasserole party, which was disappointing. But we had Rory give us the run down on which AllSpiceer made what dish:

“In the top photo, the Irish Stew aspic – the dish with the corn on top – was made by our newest AllSpice staffer, Ben. The Tomato Aspic and the Sangria Aspic both were made by Chad.

“In that photo down below, the Strawberry Pretzel Dessert and Company Chicken Casserole were made by Jocelyn. The Green Bean casserole was made by Eva. The Tomato Soup Spice Cake was made by Anna. The Wilted Spinach Salad was made by Rory and the Sherbet Punch was made by Andy. We had a great time sharing the food, but before the next potluck we need to tweak it a little and have a new theme.”


tomato-aspic-ringRory continued: “It was a lot of fun! A couple of people went out on a limb this year and tried their hand at making aspic, which I’ve got to say, is about as appetizing as it sounds. I see why it isn’t still a trendy food. (In fact, I’m not sure why it was a “thing” back in the 1930s.) It was great to have an opportunity to try it, though. Now we all can say authoritatively that we know about aspic!

He continued, “The beauty of a Kickasserole party is that each one of us gets to a recipe that we would probably not try under other circumstances. Some of the dishes were beautiful to look at, but definitely didn’t taste like the twenty-first century recipes we’re accustomed to tasting! And on the other hand, some of the “hot dish” things looked pretty humble, but were actually quite tasty. We were oh so happy to have such a wide mix of things to sample.”

Want to plan your own Kickasserole party? Check out our casserole recipes in the AllSpice recipe database. (The Velveeta, Spam, and Cool Whip are optional).