Looking for some hot stuff, Baby, this evening? Hellraising Hot Sauce comes to Des Moines

New-AllSpice-Products-2015-JuneLooking for some hot stuff, Baby, tonight?

Look no further: AllSpice now carries Hellraising Hot Sauce.

This range of hot sauces are made by a Des Moines native (who now lives up in Minneapolis). AllSpice is proud to be the exclusive source for these spicy sauces.

There are 3 sauces to choose among:

  • Green Fever (hot) is Serrano chile pepper and lime, and the mildest of the 3. It has a bright citrus flavor with a sharp heat.
  • Sweet Suffering (hotter) is pineapple and habañero chile pepper, with a little onion and garlic thrown in for good measure. This one is great with the sweet and the heat.
  • Triple Inferno (very hottest) is habañero, jalapeño, and serrano chile peppers, and Rory says “this is my personal favorite.”

Rory says: “We are super stoked to be the only shop in Des Moines offering Hellraising Hot Sauces.”

Hellraising Hot Sauces are in stock now, and are $7 a bottle.