Love Chicken Wings? How To Wing It And Make Your Own

A confession (but probably not a shocking one): our favorite aspect of most televised sporting events (other than the vuvuzela serenades) is the awesome food we get to eat while watching sports.

Hot_Wing_spicesAmong favorite sports-watching foods, we’re especially fond of chicken wings. Why do we love them so? Here are three — no, four — easy reasons:

  • Chicken wings are easy to make
  • There are infinite saucing and spicing variations
  • You’re expected to eat them with your hands
  • You make them in a good-sized batch, so they are ideal for sharing

Have you ever tried to make chicken wings (aka “hot wings”) at home? It’s a lot easier than you think!

AllSpice’s own Chef Amy spells out the basics:

“There are several ways to make homemade chicken wings. You can grill – or fry- or bake – chicken wings.

“When you have them out at a restaurant, those places are going to go the frying route I would imagine. Here’s a simple recipe for deep-frying up a batch of hot wings for yourself. “

“You can rub the wings with spices before you cook them if you’re grilling or baking, but if you go the frying route, you would toss them with a rub after. [That’s what they’ve done in the video, above. -editor]  Either way, you can also toss the hot wings with a buttery/hot sauce/whatever you like plus a rub after they’re cooked, if you’re going for a saucy wing.

There’s no single right way to cook and spice your chicken wings. It’s kind of like a Choose Your Own Adventure story, but one where you eat the story’s stunning conclusion.

chooseyourownadventureChef Amy adds, “I think the following spice blends would make some great wings”:

* the starred spice blends are  more “traditional” flavors for hot wings

See also our recipes for basic grilled chicken wings, and a basic recipe for baked chicken wings.  Use these recipes as starting points, and customize and embellish according to your taste!