Meet Anna

We love getting to know our customers, so we thought you might like getting to know us!

Anna has worked at AllSpice for almost five years, loving every minute. Her favorite product is our Chile-Coffee Rub for everything from chicken to tofu. A close second would be the Olive Wood Smoked Olive Oil, a key ingredient in most of her soups.


When asked what her favorite part of the job was, she said “Working here has made me a better cook. I’m constantly getting inspiration from customers and co-workers. I’m trying recipes now I never would have thought of 5 years ago.”

Anna likes to cook anything that keeps her in the kitchen all day. Apron on = happy time.

Here are some questions you may not have asked, answered by Anna:

You’ve got 30 minutes on a week night. What’s for dinner?
Sesame Shredded Carrots and Wilted Kale
What’s the biggest mess you’ve ever made in the kitchen?
My sister, two friends, and I were baking sugar cookies and we may have gone overboard with the flour. A month later we turned on the ceiling fan and flour went flying.
What’s the best customer suggestion you’ve gotten?
Chile-Lime Blend on fruit. So simple, so life changes.
Baking or Cooking?
Do I have to choose?
What’s your go to radio station for work?
Devo or David Bowie. Something you can dance to.
What’s your favorite shop in the East Village? (Besides AllSpice)
Wanderlust! I swear more than 1/2 my clothes are from there.
Do you have a dish you’re famous for?
My Chile-Coffee Chicken is always a crowd pleaser.
What quote would paint in your kitchen?
“Just Wing It” I’m the worst at following recipes.