Staff Profiles: Meet Chad

Chad has worked at AllSpice for a number of years, but who knows for sure how many. His favorite products include Smoked Sweet Paprika, House Seasoning, Cape Cod, Berbere and Tellicherry Peppercorns.

When asked about his favorite part of the job, Chad said “I love working with our customers, both the regulars and the first timers. It’s fun to help people figure things out, learn new tricks, and meet new people.”

He doesn’t have just one thing he likes to cook, saying “I love to explore new things. A few years ago I was really into trying to make great pho broth, then I moved on to deciphering Moroccan cuisine. I’ve gotten into Persian food lately, specifically, trying to get the perfect crust on rice. But, when I want to feel happy and content, I love to make more traditional fried chicken or meatballs and force friends into helping me.”

Here are some questions you may not have asked, answered by Chad!

You’ve got 30 minutes on a week night. What’s for dinner?
A green salad and either pasta and vegetables sautéed in olive oil, or baked yogurt-marinated chicken thighs. Quick, easy, and just with a change of spices and herbs you get a whole new dish (Harissa, Herbes de Provence, Za’atar, Greek Blend…)

“What spice am I smelling?”
At the store? Literally nothing. My nose gave up years ago. At home, it could be Saigon Cinnamon, Cumin, Urfa Chile or even Lavender.

Sweet or Spicy?
Why not both…at the same time…muahahahaha

What’s the biggest mess you’ve ever made in the kitchen?
One time, my friend and I bought 25 old laying chickens from an Amish farmer, and we tried to can them. We had visions of chicken and noodles whenever we wanted all winter. What we ended up with was wall to wall chicken fat and I can still smell it when I close my eyes.

Best meal you’ve ever had?
I’ve been pretty lucky to have had some great meals in my life. What has been common with all of them has been food prepared with care, shared in good company, and enjoyed in a great atmosphere.

What’s one recipe you’ll never make again?
I went through a snout to tail phase. I can’t with kidneys, tripe or chitterlings.

Name your firstborn after a product we carry.
Is this even a real question? Umami Bebere Von Juniper, obviously.

Olive Oil or Vinegar?
Well, olive oil, because you can get acid from other ingredients. But what is life without vinegar? Just the 8-pack of Crayolas when you want to get into that big new box of 64.

What’s the best customer suggestion you’ve gotten?
Roasting tomatoes with harissa, and served with goat cheese.

What’s your favorite food-centered holiday?
I like Easter because you can still go all-out with side dishes and desserts and the menu isn’t set in stone like Thanksgiving. Lamb? Sure. Ham? Why not? Moussaka? Now you’re getting a little weird, but folks are still down. Try switching out the gross sweet potatoes with marshmallows at Thanksgiving for something more savory and watch your family come apart at the seams.

Students included AllSpicer Chad, and former AllSpicer Denise.

What made you fall in love with AllSpice?
The commitment to doing what we do as well as we possibly can, and still having fun while doing it. Good food is a right, not a privilege. Whether you need ideas on how to get your kids to eat more vegetables, or you are going to try your hand at something new and wild, every one of us will do our best to make sure you leave feeling pretty confident that you are going to make a great meal.

Baking or Cooking?
Cooking, I’ll do the main dish if you make a pie.

What’s your go to radio station for work?
Sometimes you need classic country, sometimes you need disco, when you’re dragging, sometimes you need a little Salt-N-Pepa.

Who’s your favorite celebrity chef?
Julia Child or Diana Kennedy for sheer perfection in their recipes and instruction. I also love Nigella Lawson. I’ve only had about 50% of her recipes work for me. But, that voice tho…

If you could go anywhere in the world just for the food, where would you go?
I’m gonna hit this out into left field and say Austria. What they do with breakfast makes the rest of the world look like peasants.

What’s the best hole-in-the-wall restaurant you’ve ever found? (Vacation or local).
I love Pho All Seasons on E. Euclid in town. But, I still remember this place in Budapest where I had roast duck, like, 15 years ago. I distinctly remember it being a few streets away from the opera house and there were only about 4 tables. All they served was a set meal of broth, and roast duck and roasted potatoes. I’ve tried to find it, I’ve asked others to as well. It’s as if it never existed.