Meet Chris

We love getting to know our customers, so we thought you might like getting to know us!

Chris celebrates his 2-year anniversary at AllSpice on October 31st. If you’ve ever ordered from us online, you may already know his name!

Chris’s favorite product is the classic Ammazza Suocera. He uses almost everyday on his lunch.

When asked what his favorite part of the job was, he said “I love hearing customer stories when our products help improve the dishes they make for themselves and their loved ones.”

Chris is a master chef when it comes to Korean food.

Here are some questions you may not have asked, answered by Chris:

AllSpicer Chris, making a fancy Christmas cocktail

You’ve got 30 minutes on a week night. What’s for dinner?
Korean doenjang jiggae. It is a quick stew made with fermented soybean paste, potatoes, zucchini and onions. Served with rice and kimchi, it is an amazing meal in under 30 minutes! This is the dish I’m famous for.
“What spice am I smelling?”
Is it the essential oil diffuser in Rory’s office?
Sweet or Spicy?
If you were a spice, what would you be and why?
Salt. Amplifies the flavor, a little goes a long way and the dish wouldn’t be complete without it.
Name your firstborn after a product we carry.
Rosemary — but with a British pronunciation — Rose Marie
Olive Oil or Vinegar?
Olive Oil
What’s the biggest mess you’ve ever made in the kitchen?
This goes way back. I was in elementary school and wanted ice cream with hot fudge. I peeled probably a dozen Hershey kisses and popped them into the microwave. They didn’t melt after a minute, so I set it to about 10 and walked away. Turns out they don’t melt in the microwave… they kind of puff up, burn, and the top of the microwave is the only thing that melts…
Baking or Cooking?
When did you start cooking?
I helped mom and grandma in the kitchen from a young age, but started getting adventurous around middle school/junior high. In 6th or 7th grade I did a demonstration paper on how to cook scallops.
What’s your go-to radio station for work?
I solidly go to the 90’s station or Bossa Nova.
What’s the best part of working retail?
There is always something to do and keep busy with.
What’s your favorite shop in the East Village? (Besides AllSpice)
Gong Fu Tea – I’d been a customer there for years, before I even knew about AllSpice.
What’s your favorite restaurant in Des Moines?
I would have to say Miyabi 9. I cook 95% of my meals at home, but when I go out to eat, I like to enjoy something I can’t replicate at home easily.
Who’s your favorite celebrity chef?
The OG celebrity chef – Julia Child. Through IPTV, she nurtured my passion of cooking from a very young age.
What quote would paint in your kitchen?
“Did you season it?” – Chefs Michael and Geoffrey
If you could go anywhere in the world just for the food, where would you go?
It’s a tie. France, because it’s the cradle of modern cuisine. Korea, because it would be so educational.