Meet Heidi

We love getting to know our customers, and we thought you might like getting to know us!

Heidi has worked at AllSpice for a little over three months, and she has a been a perfect fit. She likes the Traditional Balsamic on just about anything and says she’s a fan of the sanding sugars. Heidi has also noticed how much customers love Vanilla Paste, and we think it’s time she gave it a try! Heidi Wessels

When asked what her favorite part of the job is, she said “I enjoy meeting all the people from around the world (yes world) that come in the shop. It’s great to see them so enthusiastic about our locally owned store. Some have ordered online from us and are making their first trip in. I’m always surprised to hear that customers from large metros such as Seattle, New York and Los Angeles don’t have what AllSpice has!”

Although Heidi doesn’t cook much, she does enjoy baking and makes a mean homemade bread.

Here some questions you may not have asked, answered Heidi:

Sweet or Spicy?
Both. I enjoy combining sweet and spicy.
What’s the biggest mess you’ve ever made in the kitchen?
I’m actually meticulous when I cook.  Tools go from use directly to the dishwasher.
Best meal you’ve ever had?
Sesame soft-shelled crab; my friend Sue’s Paella.
Olive Oil or Vinegar?
What’s your favorite food centered holiday?
Thanksgiving or anything that involves my mom making her potato salad. It’s the BEST.
What made you fall in love with AllSpice?
The staff, the owner.
Baking or Cooking?
What’s the best part of working retail?
The pace. Never a dull moment- always something to do, great customers.
What’s your favorite shop in the East Village? (Besides AllSpice)
Eden, Raygun, Ephemera
What’s the best hole-in-the-wall restaurant you’ve ever found?
Waveland. I could live on breakfast food.