More reasons to love Butternut Squash Seed Oil

AllSpice owner Rory Brown is on a big Butternut Squash Seed Oil kick. But in the spring? When you say butternut squash, most of us think of hearty autumnal recipes — shouldn’t that be the case for the oil from the butternut squash seed as well?

Butternut-Squash-Seed-OilNo way, says Rory: “Butternut Squash Seed Oil is one of my favorite oils in the Spring, because I love roasting asparagus in it with a little Himalayan Sea Salt. I can eat a whole batch of it at a time when I cook it this way.

“People are always thinking of butternut squash as a fall flavor, but this oil is amazing for roasting fresh vegetables.”

Butternut Squash Seed Oil has a buttery cashew-peanut taste that is almost sweet. Some folks even drizzle this oil over ice cream or cheesecake desserts!

Butternut Squash Seed Oil is a marvelous finishing oil, but has the versatility — and higher 425°F smoke point — that makes it useful for cooking foods at a relatively high heat.  Other nut and seed oils have a much lower smoke point (pumpkin seed oil starts to smoke at 250°F). And unlike the muted flavors of other oils (like grapeseed) that can take high heat, Butternut Squash Seed Oil maintains its rich, buttery flavor when the heat is on. What’s more, Butternut Squash Seed Oil is high in healthy mono- and polyunsaturated fats.

Experiment with Butternut Squash Seed Oil ($22/bottle) as a finishing oil for soups, salads, yogurt, and even on ice cream. And, as Rory suggests, it’s a versatile oil for higher-temperature cooking for dishes like stir-fries and roasted vegetables.

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