Mother’s Day Gift Gallery

Mothers’ Day is next Sunday, May 13. We’re sure you knew that, and were already planning your excellent gift for her.

But on the very remote chance that you haven’t decided on a particular present, or in the (very unlikely) instance that you just now remembered that you still needed to choose something, let us offer a suggestion (okay, four suggestions):


Pick up a cute gift bag or themed gift box that reflects your parent’s favorite food, drink, or cuisine.

The Bakin’ (Lovin’ From the Oven) gift box (top left, $24) features five staff-selected favorite baking ingredients, the most essential pieces in an experienced baker’s pantry.

The Host gift bag (top right, $18), would be perfect for the “Hostess With the Mostest” is a “just right”-sized bundle of three little ingredients with big, big Italian flavor: Tuscan Herb Olive Oil, Delizia Basil Pesto, and our signature Ammazza Suocera spicy blend.

Now that it’s finally cook outside season again, our BBQ Sweet, Spicy and All Up In Your Grill gift box (bottom right, $36) runs the whole gamut from sweet to spicy, and smoky to savory. There’s a Russ & Frank’s BBQ Sauce (made will AllSpice ingredients!), and eight grill-friendly ingredients to use alone, or as part of a marinade or rub.

Finally, for the brunchy-mama, we’ve got the Bloody Mary gift bag (bottom left, $20), a zesty collection of spices, salts, and peppers, and a bottle of Hellraising Hot Sauce guaranteed to punch up your Bloody Mary. AllSpice’s favorite Bloody Mary recipe is included.

Many thanks to AllSpice staffer Anna for the gift suggestions. Stop by the shop this week to browse our Mom-eriffic gift sets and get ideas from our friendly staff.