National Teacher Appreciation Week, May 5 – 9

2014TeacherAppreciationWeekIt’s National Teacher Appreciation Week right now, and so we’ve been reflecting on our favorite teachers lately.

Who were your favorite teachers? For us, there was the grade school teacher who introduced us to Roald Dahl’s stories, and  the high school teacher who channeled our love of puzzles and games into the ability to solve algebra problems and write geometry proofs.  And, more recently, there is the middle school science teacher who, upon retirement (35 years after I finished junior high), unpacked a box that held my eighth grade term paper, and tracked me down on Facebook to tell about it (true story).

Great teachers transcend the “classroom job” description to really instill in their pupils a love of learning. And great teachers’ own love of teaching, and of mentoring others, inspires us to do the same.

And of course, not all great teachers are even in classrooms. Even though we are grown-ups now, there are always special people in our lives who act as our teachers — those inspiring friends and colleagues who expose us to new ideas and interests, recognizing strengths and talents we might not have known we possessed, and encouraging us to stretch and learn and grow.

What is the “secret ingredient” that makes a great teacher? Perhaps it is their dedication to their craft, and the personal interest they have shown in us and in our potential to be and do something special.

Single out those special teachers in your life, and honor them this week with a little thank you gift.

red_apple_balsamicOur suggestions:

  • For the classroom teacher who already has every red-apple desk accessory, give a tasty bottle of delicious Red Apple Balsamic Vinegar.
  • If you love to make homemade teacher thank-you gifts, a batch of award-winning Gingerbread Biscotti, or Triple Ginger Cookies (pictured, below) would be delicious and well appreciated.
  • Browse our whole gift box section for more teacher appreciation gift ideas, or pop into the shop (or call us at 515-868-0808) to talk with staff and create your own gift box or bag!