New AllSpice Gift Boxes On the Way!

Please don’t freak out,* but gift-giving season is just around the corner.

To be ready for the holidays, AllSpice staff has to start thinking, even before summer is over, about what we’ll need to do to prepare for the season. One of the biggest things is making up enough of your favorite gift boxes to keep up with demand. We have an estimated 3300 gift boxes (!!!) to get ready for the holiday season.

Speaking of which, we are excited to announce that we have some new and updated gift sets that will be coming out this year!

Changes and additions to the Gift Box page — coming soon!

The old Bakin’ kit: for a little lovin’ from the oven

For starters, we will be revamping our baking box this year as well as our Wild Animal gift box.

We will be creating a new Around the World gift box, which will include different flavors from all over. Also we will be creating a special new Holiday Box that is going to supersede our old “Gobble” Thanksgiving set; this new boxed set will be for the entire meal, not just the turkey!

And last but not least, we are creating a Smokers’ Box, which will include the Jones Bar-B-Q sauce and four of our spice blends that are especially great for smoking meats.

We will announce each of these new boxes on social media and in the news letter when they are available. Customers should be on the lookout for these new offerings coming soon!



*(No, really! Please don’t freak out! We’ve gotcha covered, promise!)