New At AllSpice: Garlic and Olives. Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

Did you catch ’em all yet?

summer-2016-new-product-lineup-lidsAll the new garlic and olive offerings at AllSpice, that is.

We have several kinds of fancy new olives and garlic at the store that are offered by our olive oil supplier:

  • Garlic Stuffed Gordal Olives,
  • Manzanillo Olive with Rosemary and Garlic,
  • Pickled Olive Mix,
  • Sweet Pickled Garlic.

They are so delicious you’re going to want to “catch” them all! (Details below:)

Manzanillo Olives with Rosemary and Garlic: Sweet garlic cloves and fresh rosemary delight but do not overwhelm the savory flavor of these meaty Manzanillo olives.

Manzanillo olives are renowned for their full-bodied, medium intensity, fruity olive flavor. The Manzanillo, the most common variety of Spanish olive, is native to Seville, in southern Spain. Today the Manzanillo is grown throughout the world, and is one of the more popular California olives.

Spanish Sweet Pickled Garlic: If you love garlic in its raw, sauteed, or roasted forms, you have got to try some pickled garlic. Where fresh garlic may have a sharpness about it, pickled garlic, while it’s still unmistakably garlic, is much more mellow. Our Spanish sweet pickled garlic is mild, sweet and snack-able. The pickled garlic cloves lose much of their “bite,” yielding a milder, sweeter garlicky flavor. Our Spanish sweet pickled garlic is mild, sweet and snack-able.

Continue to use your regular raw or dried garlic for traditional recipes, and turn to Spanish Sweet Pickled Garlic for “pickle situations”: to snack on, sliced cloves for your sandwiches, or as part of an antipasto plate, on salads. If you’ve ever had the desire to eat an entire head of garlic in one sitting, this is the way to go. Great with poultry dishes, salads, antipasto platters, roasted meats or grilled veggies.


Gordal Stuffed with Sweet Spanish Garlic: “Gorda” means “fat” in Spanish, and that’s an apt name for this jumbo green olive. Primarily grown in Australia, California and Spain as table olives,* Gordal olives are picked green and brined.

Gordal olives are big and meaty with a mild flavour. They are prized for cocktails such as Martinis because their mild flavour won’t interfere with the drink, and they are large enough that you don’t feel you have to stick two or three on the pick. Our meaty Gordal olives are hand-stuffed with sweet Spanish garlic cloves. This zesty-savory combination is a real crowd pleaser!

Banderillas Picantes: The word banderilla literally means dart, like the dangerous barbed dart that bullfighters use — but the only danger these banderillas picantes pose is the spiciness of the pickled vegetables you transfer from the jar and onto a less-scary stick, skewer or even not-at-all-pointy serving dish.

This classic Spanish olive/pickle combo is typically served with tapas. Our Banderillas Picantes include small Spanish pearl onions, Manzanillo olives, spicy red Piri-Piri chilies, medium-hot green Piri-Piri chilies, and baby Gherkin pickles. Served in a little shared bowl, or threaded onto skewers, Banderillas Picantes are a spicy accompaniment to apertifs and cocktails, or work as a fiery contrast to milder appetizer dishes. Frankly, we just like to get a cocktail fork and eat our Banderillas Picantes straight out of the jar (please don’t judge – they’re really, really good).

Stop by AllSpice and check out these delicious new olive and garlic treats. We think you’ll want to “catch ’em all.”

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*The Gordal olives grown in California are mostly pressed for oil.