New at AllSpice: Russ and Frank’s BBQ Sauces

Russ_and_Franks_BBQ_sauce_closeupIowa guys Russ Cerniglia and Frank Ksiazak have been making homemade barbecue sauce for years, and have been winning awards (including at the American Royal BBQ competition and at the Iowa State Fair) for nearly as long.

Now you can pick up a jar of the acclaimed Russ & Frank’s BBQ Sauce here at AllSpice!

Served in Des Moines restaurants ranging from the High Life Lounge and Gusto Pizza to The Embassy Club, Russ & Frank’s sauces are a savory, spicy addition to your supper menu.

Both the Mild and Sassy BBQ Sauces pair well with a variety of meats and poultry, and are delicious in everything from meatloaf to ribs to baked beans and even pizza! Russ and Frank’s offer a sampling of some favorite recipes here.

We carry both Russ & Frank’s tomato-based Mild BBQ sauce as well as their slightly spicier “Sassy” BBQ Sauce. Both sauces are $5.00 for an 18 oz jar.