New Rubs & Blends Galore!

The first half of 2020 has been a busy one around the shop. We’ve added ten new salts and spice blends. If you’re like us, the disruption of nearly everything from COVID-19 has us feeling a bit discombobulated. This recap of all things new will have you feeling confident you’ve not missed out on any AllSpice news so far this year.

Hickory Smoked Sea Salt: This “new again” sea salt is a customer favorite we were unable to get for most of 2019. We welcomed it back with open arms. Smoking pacific sea salt flakes over hickory imparts a smokey, slightly sweet flavor, making this salt an excellent finishing salt, a tasty addition to a brine or curing mix, and a popular inclusion in homemade rubs.

Tuscan Bread Dipper: This blend of herbs and spices harnesses the flavors of the Tuscany region of Italy. Create a simple bread dipper by combining three tablespoons of the blend with a cup of extra virgin olive oil. Let stand for at least a half hour prior to serving to allow the flavors to blend. Learn more about our trio of bread dipping spice blends in their welcome post over on the AllSpice blog.

Wild Mushroom & Herb Seasoning: This combination of porcini mushrooms and rich garlic is balanced by the brightness of lemon peel, rosemary, and other herbs. Sea salt rounds out this tasty blend. It’s a wonderful addition to meatballs, stroganoff and burgers and makes a great rub for steaks. Try a little in soups, rice dishes, chicken salad or deviled eggs. Learn more about this rub in our introduction post on the AllSpice blog.

Seared Salmon Seasoning: Want perfect salmon every time? Brush your salmon fillets with your favorite olive oil (we prefer citrusy flavors like Blood Orange, Persian Lime, or Eureka Lemon), then sprinkle liberally with the seasoning blend. Marinate no longer than 20 minutes before cooking.

Milan Bread Dipper: Traditional Milanese cuisine is food of comfort – think risottos, ossobuco, and polenta. This blend celebrates the cuisine and flavors of the region by combining garlic, tomato, and tarragon. Make a simple bread dipper by combining three tablespoons of the blend with a cup of extra virgin olive oil. Find out more about our trio of bread dipping spice blends over on the AllSpice blog.

Sicilian Bread Dipper: Sicily is known for its diverse cuisine, combining elements of Arabian and Greek with influences of Spanish and French cuisine. This garlicy, tomatoey blend with hints of smokey, slightly sweet flavors follows suit. Create a zesty salad dressing by combining three tablespoons of the blend with 2/3 cup extra virgin olive oil and 1/3 cup Red Wine Vinegar.

Butcher’s Blend Seasoning: This rich blend of hickory smoked sea salt and applewood smoked pepper combined with other herbs and spices is a great multipurpose rub for any cut of meat. Give it a try on beef, pork, chicken, turkey, or wild game.

Georgia Coast Seafood Seasoning: Grab your shrimp, crawfish, corn, and potatoes, because this blend is perfect for a low-country boil! It differs from a standard New England-style boil seasoning as it has less heat and more sweet, and its spices give it an authentic southern flair. Don’t be fooled b the name, this blend of spices also makes a great rub for chicken and pork.

Thai Red Curry Blend: This blend combines the complex flavors typical in Thai red curries like chiles, garlic, galangal, lemongrass, lime, and onion into a fine powder. Use it as a dry rub or combine a tablespoon of the rub with a tablespoon of water and a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil to make a traditional red curry paste much more conveniently than starting from scratch.

Florida Citrus Seasoning: Sunshine in a jar – that’s what we call this one. Packed full of tangy, citrus flavors of lemon, orange, and grapefruit, this salty blend is fantastic on seafood, pork, chicken, veggies, and in cream-based dips and pastas. The addition of garlic, onion, and other spices balances it perfectly. There’s nothing else like it.

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