New Vanilla Salt ‘Takes the Cake’

AllSpice_Vanilla_Salt… and gives that cake a delicious finishing sweet-savory crunch.

Vanilla Salt begs the question: is it a baking ingredient, or is it a gourmet salt?*

Have a taste, and the answer becomes clear: YES!

A tasty blend of crunchy sea salt and rich vanilla, Vanilla Salt appeals to both your appetite and your imagination, adding a luxurious finishing touch to your creative cooking!

Use versatile Vanilla Salt on both sweet and savory dishes. It is a surprising enhancement to the flavor of white fish and shellfish entrees, and adds salty-sweet crunch to corn on the cob, winter squash, fresh fruits and (oh my) french fries.

And, oh, don’t forget dessert! Vanilla Salt is the perfect finishing touch for cupcakes, shortbreads, caramels, macarons, nut brittle, and absolutely anything made of chocolate. Rim a cocktail glass with Vanilla Salt for a killer rum-and-coke or to-die-for chocolate-tini.

*You’ll find Vanilla Salt in the Peppers and Salts aisle of the shop (and in the Peppers/Salts section of our online store), where it’s $8.95/jar.