One Gift To Rule Them All

Allspice_Seasonings_Greetings_boxA thoughtful gift is *always* appropriate. Whether it’s for the hostess, or for the client, or for one of the many relatives you’ll see during the season, it’s a good idea to arrive armed with a little something that says, “I have been thinking of you.”

But what if you’ve exhausted all the “usual” gift ideas? You’re fatigued of fruit baskets, bored with bookstore gift certificates, and practically-minded enough to want to give a gift that won’t end up
1) stashed in the back of a closet somewhere or
2) in the Goodwill bag [or worse!].

What if you could give a gift that’s appropriate for *any* recipient, and sure to be put to good use? As Gandalf might say, one gift to rule them all?

The updated Seasonings Greetings gift-boxed set contains five-ounce bottles of four ingredients that expand the horizons of every cook, in every kitchen:

  • Persian Lime Olive Oil,
  • Blood Orange Olive Oil,
  • Fig Balsamic Vinegar,
  • and Pomegranate Balsamic Vinegar.

Perfect for the experienced cook [I was going to say “seasoned” – ha!], who will appreciate having the finest balsamic vinegars and extra virgin olive oils to add to her repertoire.

Seasonings’ Greetings is equally appropriate for the kitchen novice — get those new cooks started on “the good stuff,” lest you suffer the slings and arrows of their early cooking experiments.

Heck, Seasonings Greetings gift box is even an excellent gift idea for the non-cook* — if the poor soul doesn’t cook, they’re helpless, at the mercy of the nearest carryout place. Lift them out of their dinner purgatory — or at least make their supper taste better — with [dare we say it?] the gift of good taste.

Or at least, with the addition of these fine ingredients,  the gift of stuff that tastes good.

Seasonings’ Greetings is priced at $36.00. Beautifully boxed and ready for holiday giving, the Seasonings’ Greetings set is available for a limited time, in-store only.



*If your non-cook is receptive to your gentle suggestions, here are links to recipes using Pomegranate Balsamic Vinegar, Persian Lime Olive Oil, Fig Balsamic Vinegar, and Blood Orange Olive Oil.