Our Newest Chile Addition: Poblano Powder

Poblano_Chile_PowderMeet the newest product to join the AllSpice Chile department: Poblano Chile Powder!

The Poblano chile is one of the most widely-used peppers. For folks who are fearful of face-melting chiles, but want a little heat in their cooking, the Poblano’s got just enough fire — 1500 – 3000 Scoville units — that’s milder than a Jalapeño.

This pepper’s mild heat and deep green “bell” pepper flavor make it a go-to ingredient in southwestern cuisine.

Originally grown in the mountainous Mexican state of Puebla,* east of Mexico City, the fresh Poblano chile grows to about 5″ in length and is often used for stuffing and for making chile strips.

Mild and bright powdered Poblano pepper is easy to use. Try Poblano Powder to add flavor to cream sauces, vegetable recipes, and chicken, fish and pasta dishes.  Use in enchillada sauces, in your chili, stew, tomato-based or salsa verde.

Anchos vs Poblanos. Sometimes you see Poblano and Ancho chiles mentioned together, and sometimes you will even see the names used interchangeably. They are similar – but not (exactly) – the same thing. It’s important to know the difference:

  • Poblano peppers are the freshly-picked chiles. They are wide at the top and narrow at the base, and usually dark green. They are spicy, but the spice level is less than that of a jalapeno, and the Poblano chile’s aroma is like a green bell pepper.
  • Ancho peppers are… just dried Poblano peppers. Pretty simple, right? Nope. Not as simple as you might think. Unlike the green-hued Poblano, the dried Ancho is a reddish color.  The dried red ancho chiles are used in a variety of sauces such as mole poblano.

Poblano Chile Powder is $7 for a 1/2 Cup jar. Curious to give it a try? This week’s Saturday Sample recipes (8/1/2015) feature our new Poblano Chile Powder.

*(Fun fact: a person from Puebla is sometimes referred to as a Poblano)