Our State Fair Is A Great State Fair

Don’t miss it, don’t even be late! The Iowa State Fair begins in just a few days, and we are so excited to be going back for another year of food-on-a-stick, big pigs, sky gliders, and AllSpice food contests!

We’ll be judging our first few events Wednesday, August 6 – perfect for getting us off to an early start on our Olympic-scale State Fair treat-eating (don’t worry; we’ve been training for this for months).

Here’s the schedule of AllSpice contest judging — we’d love for you to join us:

Judging Room 2, August 6
1:00 pm AllSpice Ice Cream
1:30 pm AllSpice Rub Contest
2:00 pm AllSpice Snack Mix

Judging Room 1, August 6
2:30 pm AllSpice Omi’s Sauerbraten*

Judging Room 2, August 10
10:00 am, AllSpice Cookie Contest

For more information about individual AllSpice food contests at the State Fair (three kinds of cookie contests! three kinds of snack mix contests! what’s a Sauerbraten, and who’s an Omi?) we’ve got all the details in this blog post.