Over Fifty Good Reasons To Come To East Village Holiday Promenade

AllSpice_at_Holiday_TimeThe Busy Season is almost upon us. Thanksgiving is next week, and we all know that means that, as soon as Black Friday dawns, we have barely a month for Doing All The Holiday Things.

Why should you give up the last “quiet” Friday night of the year to come to the East Village Holiday Promenade? Well, for one thing, all the shops and restaurants in the Historic East Village will be open late this Friday.

At Holiday Promenade, you can:

  1. visit your favorite shops (many of us will be serving tasty treats, nudge-nudge),
  2. get a head start on your holiday shopping,
  3. and grab a bite of supper.

There will also be free carriage rides, roving carolers, ballerinas, opening of the Brenton Skate Plaza for the season, fancy window displays and sparkly lights on all the trees…

That’s nine good reasons to come down to the East Village Holiday Promenade this Friday. Want another forty or so?

AllSpice_gift_bagsSome of the businesses that will be open and spreading holiday cheer include:


Aimee and Matilda Muse,

Allspice Culinarium

All-Pets East Village,


Brenton Skating Plaza

Capital Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Center

Capital Hill Lutheran Church

Des Moines Bicycle Collective



East Village Spa

Leona Ruby

Liberty Gifts

LifeServe Blood Center

Lime Lounge

Madhouse Brewing Company



ephemera stationery studio

Fleet Feet Sports Des Moines


From Our Hands

Gateway Dance Theatre

Gong Fu Tea

Green Goods for the Home

Hill Vintage & Knits

HoQ restaurant

J.Brownlee Design

Jett & Monkey’s Dog Shoppe

Reclaimed A Junklady’s Philosophy

Ricochet DSM

Noodle Zoo



Vanity & Glamour Cosmetics LLC www.VGCosmetics.com

Velvet Coat

Vitae Design Collective

Westrum Optometry PLC 

Porch Light



Sticks Object Art & Furniture

Subsect Skateshop

Want to learn more? It’s all on the Historic East Village website.

We’ve also got up-to-the-moment updates on the AllSpice Facebook page, and our Holiday Promenade event page, too.