Pin It! AllSpice is now on Pinterest

pinterest_logo_redNever ones to rest on our laurels as (self-crowned) Best- Smelling Store in Des Moines, we’ve expanded our reign of awesomeness to another realm: we’re now sharing the AllSpice love on Pinterest.

What is Pinterest? you ask. Pinterest is a popular social media website. It was founded by Ben Silberman, a guy who grew up in Des Moines.

raspberry_pavlova_pinterestThink of Pinterest as a kind of high-tech scrapbook or bulletin board, a place to post and store all the cool stuff you’ve seen and found on the Internet, like this awesome berry-meringue Pavlova dessert.

Pinterest is like a whole bunch of annotated post-it notes, gathered in neat little groups, without the dog-eared sticky-note clutter stuck all over your desk.

What’s it for? Pinterest is also a way to sort, organize and curate all your favorite articles, projects, ideas, and links — and then share all the neat things you’ve found with other people. Furthermore, it’s an excellent resource for you to discover all the wonderful things that other people found when they were “out looking around” on the Internet.

How does it work? Pinterest works like this:

Find cool stuff to remember/share. You do your usual browse-around-the-Internet thing (come on, ‘fess up: you know you do it, too). You see something really interesting (a recipe on the AllSpice website, perhaps, or a tiny house, the perfect outfit, swanky cocktail glasses), and want to save it for later. You “pin” what you’ve found to a topical Pinterest “board” (best desserts, cottage vacations, summer wardrobe, entertaining “Mad Men”-style) that you’ve created.

Pinterest Tutorial: For example, here is an article I found about designing villains’ evil lairs.  I want to keep this article to refer back to (you know, for when I finally lose my patience with mankind and design my diabolical hideaway).


See that little icon in the left margin, above? It says “Pin It!”

Pinning_Evil_Lair_postWhen you “pin” the article, it pops up a little box asking which board you’d like to pin this article to.

Choose which of your topical boards you want to use for saving this article, and you’re done!

Now you have started making collections of your favorite links, organized in a manner that makes sense to you, that you can browse and return to at your convenience.

Also, other people (friends, family, folks who share your interests and tastes) look at what you’ve collected (“pinned”) on your boards, and get good ideas of their own.

Discover cool stuff other people pinned. For instance, this person has a whole Pinterest board devoted to neat places in Des Moines’ East Village.  Wonder where our own Chef Amy gets her inspiration? Follow her “recipe ideas” board on Pinterest.

You can search through the entire Pinterest site, and uncover a plethora of info about your favorite subject areas.  Each “pin” links back to the site it came from, making Pinterest an excellent resource for finding new sources of inspiration and information.


We hope that you’ll share your “pins” with us, so we can see what you’ve been reading, cooking, crafting, and planning.

Want to follow AllSpice and see what we’re pinning? You can find our Pinterest profile here.