Pokemon Spotted at AllSpice

AllSpice staff and customers have been surprised this week to discover little Pokemon are hiding around the East Village, and some even hiding here in the store.

Pokemon_at_AllSpiceFor example, AllSpicer Chrissy caught this wild Drowzee (right) on our Olive Oil bar on Tuesday!

Even Japanese cartoon monsters know that our ingredients are worth popping inside the store. You should stop by and see what Drowsee was so keen to sample.

And by the way, Chrissy captured that Drowzee Pokemon on the olive oil bar, and he won’t be lurking around “trying to eat your dream through your nostrils,” which, according to the Pokemon Pokedex, is what Drowzee, this “Psychic” Pokemon’s power move is supposed to be.

We know may have been a very real concern for some of you. Or if it wasn’t, it probably is now.

So. Um, don’t worry about that dream-stealing hypnotic Pokemon issue. We have it well in hand, and the store is safe for both ingredient-shopping and Pokemon-catching.

Because we understand that you’ve gotta catch ’em all.