Prep, Prep, Pass – the Thanksgiving Side Dishes We Love To Make and Share

Look on the bright side: Thanksgiving is always observed on the fourth Thursday of November.  In 2019, the month of November started on a Friday, making Thanksgiving occur on the latest possible day — November 28.

You have more time than usual to prepare and plan for your Thanksgiving holiday.* Doesn’t that make you feel less stressed already?

It can sometimes feel a little overwhelming, when you have a lot of different recipes to cook and bake for one day-long feast. But, as we’ve noted in previous years, there are lots of yummy dishes and desserts you can make days (or even weeks!) in advance, freeing you up to enjoy Thanksgiving day.

Here are some other Thanksgiving tips, tricks, and just plain interesting trivia that you can share with your visitors — perhaps as they join you in the kitchen to speed the preparation of the day’s feast:

Want specific menu / recipe recommendations?

We’ve got some favorites you might enjoy:

And there are literally thousands more recipes to browse (and dozens of Thanksgiving-specific ones) on the AllSpice blog and in the recipe database.



*This also means that you will have the *least* amount of time possible between Thanksgiving and Christmas and the winter holidays. But that’s another quandary for another day.