And They Call It Puppy Love: Highlights of the East Village Halloween Pet Parade

The AllSpice staff had been looking forward to last weekend’s Historic East Village Spooky Paws Pet Parade, ever since the event was first announced a couple months ago. Most of us are pet-parents, ourselves. Getting to hand out lots of dog biscuits, and having a front-row seat for the festivities, sounded like a great way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon.


When the parade began, it turned out to be even more fun than we expected. There were bulldogs dressed like bears, and superhero puppies, great big purple unicorn Labrador retrievers, and even sharks and dinosaurs!

Dozens of cute dogs, and their faithful humans, paraded down East Locust Street and past the shop. Quite a few stopped into the shop, too, which really made our day.

Here are some of the highlights of the pet parade (click to see full size):

Halloween pet parade photos by Eva Lewin // Photography