Rory’s ‘Smokin’ Coffee’ Chili Recipe Showcased in Latest DSM Magazine

There is a little piece in the latest issue of DSM Magazine about AllSpice Owner Rory Brown’s chili that was written by local food writer Wini Moranville for her “I Snagged the Recipe” column.

Moranville says, “From college until just a few years ago, I made the same chili recipe winter after winter. Then I tasted Rory Brown’s Smokin’ Coffee Chili and realized there was no going back.”

She especially loves (no suprise!) the spices in Rory’s chili recipe: “that blend of warming seasonings that thaw you through and through on a cold winter’s night.”

Rory says, “It is a chili recipe that I had given [Moranville] the base recipe to awhile ago, but she has doctored up a bit and made it her own. I really appreciate that she wanted to share my recipe with her readers!

He continues, “I knew this story was going to come out some time, but it was still such a nice surprise to see the recipe in the new DSM Magazine this week! The funny thing is, I just made that chili again last Monday — I threw it together, just like always. I really believe the key to a good, good pot of chili is a long simmer. I usually make it in the morning, and then let it cook in the crockpot all day. ”

You can find Rory’s original recipe for Smokin’ Coffee Chili in the recipe section of the AllSpice website. The secret to its unique (and delicious) taste is the addition of Chile-Coffee Rub, and the use of earthy Mexican Oregano (rather than the sweeter, more minty Mediterranean variety).

Moranville’s more smoky version of the Smokin’ Coffee Chili recipe, which she has adapted with her addition of smoked black pepper and smoked paprika, accompanies her article in the January – February 2018 issue of DSM Magazine, pages 34-36.