Savory waffles, taters ‘n’ gravy, and tasty turkey – Spicy Thymes

Thanksgiving dinner is a favorite meal of mine.  I love a deliciously brined turkey, mashed potatoes zhuzhed up with Five Onion Dip or Roasted Garlic Powder, and stuffing….delicious stuffing.  The crunchy bits around the edge are always the tastiest.

This year we made a special, pre-Thanksgiving dinner to channel our holiday spirit.  Ladies and gentleman, let me introduce the Thanksgiving Blue-Plate Special!

The foundation of this delicious dish is a savory stuffing waffle.  Waffle-style is the perfect way to enjoy stuffing – loads of crunchy bits and little gravy holders created by the waffle iron.  We made our stuffing   a little wetter than normal by adding some extra broth to the mixture. This kept the waffle iron from drying things out too much.

The next layer in the scrumptious stack is a dollop of buttery smooth mashed potatoes (or lumpy, hand-mashed potatoes…I’m not endorsing one or the other in the great mashed potato debate!).  I like a dash of Roasted Garlic Powder in mine for a flavor boost.

After the potatoes, pile on some slices of perfectly cooked brined turkey breast.  Why brine? Soaking your bird in a salt solution before cooking results in a more flavorful, moist meal.  We suggest our Brining Mix to infuse a bit of citrusy, herby flavor.

Top off this tasty tower with a splash (or ten) of homemade gravy.  Use the drippings from the pan you cooked the bird in, add a little chicken or turkey stock and a bit of Herbed Poultry Seasoning Blend or Sage taste. Too thin? Use a bit of corn starch or Arrowroot Powder to thicken.

Lastly, enjoy!  While we made this in advance, this is also a great alternative to Ross Geller’s Moist Maker Sandwich to enjoy your Thanksgiving Leftovers.

How about you?  What are your favorite parts of the Thanksgiving Feast?  How do you use up your leftovers?