Saying Goodbye to Original ‘OG’ AllSpicer Eva

It’s graduation time and AllSpice staffer Eva has decided it is time to “graduate” from AllSpice Culinarium, to further pursue her love of photography and music.

O.G. Baby Spice. Eva is an original AllSpicer, joining right as the shop opened in 2010, when she was only 15 years old. Eva started out working Saturdays and a couple days a week after school and was our youngest employee for many years.

We loved that back in her high school days she would come in with blue or pink hair and a cute skirt or jumper that she had picked up at a local thrift store. When Eva graduated from high school, she took on a more full-time role as some of our team retired from AllSpice.

Also with the graduation from high school, she informed Rory one day that she is “going back to her natural hair color, because she was an adult now.“ Despite the more adult look, Eva has always kept the vibe at AllSpice young and hip.

We celebrated this week with a dinner and reminiscing about all of our favorite Eva moments. We will miss her cheerful smile, bubbly laugh and can-do attitude. However, we are excited for Eva and her next adventure in life! We know she will come back and visit once in a while.

AllSpice wishes you all the best, dear Eva.