Series Kicks Off With Paprika “Lunch and Learn”

Paprika-all-kindsJoin us for the kick off to our new event series – Lunch and Learn!

Customers often ask us if we offer cooking classes. While we don’t have the space to host a complete class or an in-depth, hands-on workshop, we did want to find a way to meet customers’ requests for opportunities to learn more about the ingredients we sell — and how to use them effectively and creatively.

Introducing the Lunch and Learn series! Join us every other Wednesday at noon for a specialized shopping experience. Stop by and learn some “spicy” facts, try a tasty sample using that ingredient, and take home a few recipes!

The Lunch and Learn session consists of a 15-minute presentation about our topic of the week. After the informal talk, AllSpice staff will be available to answer any additional questions you may have.

Eva-and-cold-brew-coffeeThe first Lunch and Learn session in our series is next Wednesday, July 12 at noon.

AllSpicer Eva (pictured, left) will be talking about the many uses for paprika, beyond its ubiquitous use as ‘food lipstick,’ or the stuff that decorates the tops of deviled eggs.

Paprika is a spice made from the grinding of dried bell peppers or chili peppers. Paprika is used in many cuisines to add color and flavor to dishes.

Paprika’s bouquet is slightly warm and sweet, but its flavor can range widely from mild and sweet to hot.

At Allspice, we carry six different kinds of paprika, each one certain to liven up your cooking — and we’ll take you through the whole range at the July 12 Lunch and Learn.

Lunch and Learn is a free event, but please let us know if you will be joining us by RSVPing to this event page!