Shhh. Hear that sound?

It’s the sound of time ticking on.

Although the ghosts, goblins and candy-grubbing zombies have yet to arrive, we’re already thinking ahead to that most wonderful time of the year.

No, not Halloween [Face it: if you buy trick-or-treat supplies now, you’ll just end up eating them later this week anyway; buy your Fun Size Snickers 3 weeks from now].

No. We’re talking about The Holidays.

The calendar says October, but it’s time to start thinking about holiday gifts. We’d like to make that thinking as painless as possible.

First: who’s on your list? Doesn’t matter if they’re naughty or nice, the people who brighten our lives throughout the year, and the people whom we love anyway, need to be remembered.

Feel free to crib from our list of favorite recipients:

  • Family members
  • Deserving in-laws [notice the qualification]
  • Significant others of your “big kids,” if you have them
  • Friends who love you no matter what you do
  • Neighbors who put-up with your barking dog [he can’t help it; he’s just a “nervous breed”]
  • Considerate teachers who give your kid a good lesson [we liked our daughter’s First Grade teacher’s rule: “I won’t believe everything your child says about you if you don’t believe everything she says  about me.”  Deal.]
  • Patient coaches who give your kid time on the field
  • Your boss
  • Your assistant
  • The book club, the poker buddies, the workout partner
  • Clients, vendors, [freelance writers!], and favorite customers
  • You (who deserves it more?)

Next: what to give? We’ll make it extra easy for you this year:

Give the gift of flavor. It is always in good taste. AllSpice will have available an assortment of gift boxes and goodies of all shapes and sizes.  Watch for them arriving in-store and on-line in the coming weeks.

Ask our staff for help with putting together the perfect thoughtful present, whether it’s a single ingredient for the devoted cook, or a whole slew of corporate or extended-family gifts. They’re gifted (ha ha) present-choosers, with strong opinions, and would love to help you make this the easiest gifting season ever.

Photo credit: Bushwick Clocks, by mercurialn on Flickr.