Sidewalk Pianos: Coming Soon To A Corner Near AllSpice

You needn’t be the PianoMan** in order to sing us a song this summer or fall, but the City of Des Moines has made it a whole lot easier to do just that.

The Des Moines city council has approved a project to install outdoor public pianos, starting July 15, and running through the onset of cold weather in October or so.

The two pianos in this summer’s pilot project will be on city-owned property (by the main Downtown library, and a public parking lot at East 4th and Grand — right around the corner from us!). Neighboring business owners have volunteered to care for the pianos, securing them at night and covering them in case of inclement weather.

The East Village piano will be painted and decorated by local artists and public art activists Jon Pearson and Rachel Buse.

The East Village Piano is sponsored by several nearby businesses including Capital Chiropractic, Raygun, Christensen Development, Kitchen Collage, B2E Direct Marketing, Wooly’s, Up Down, East Village Chiropractic, Found Things, and Fugitive Apparel Co. The piano will be cared for by the staffs of Raygun and Zombie Burger, according to City Sounds, organizer of the public pianos project.

You can find more information about the project at City Sounds’ FaceBook page.

We hope you’ll take advantage of our neighborhood’s newest cultural resource, next time you’re in the area, and let us know what you think!

**(because, um, we love you just the way you are)