Simply finding a wonderful Christmas gift

Still looking for a few more gift ideas? Look no further!

We have some great cookbooks here at the store that cover different topics on cooking and entertaining, that would make wonderful gifts.

AllSpice Owner Rory Brown picked out a few of them, and paired each with a boxed set, or a spice, oil or vinegar. His ideas for “perfect pairs” could work for practically anyone on your giving list.

First up: The Modern Multi-Cooker Cookbook, 101 Recipes for Your InstantPot by Jenny Tschiesche. Clearly, this is a great gift to give alongside an InstantPot, but it’s also a nice companion to the Ready, Set, Go! herb and spice “starter kit” ($16).

Another fun two-part gift is this duo that’s perfect for chocolate lovers: a Double Chocolate gift bag ($14), with Hannah Miles’ Hot Chocolate – Rich and Indulgent Winter Drinks.

Throw another Yule log in the fireplace, and think of warm days at the grill while you read Feast From the Fire: 65 summer recipes to cook and share outdoors. Rory has bundled this cookbook with two of the most versatile ingredients that we use in our grill-out recipes: a jar of Worcestershire Powder, and a bottle of Colonel Pabst Worcestershire Sauce ($11.25).

And one more cookbook that’s a long-time AllSpice favorite, Michelle Castellano Seac’s As Old As Time. Developed specially with Veronica Foods (the company that supplies AllSpice’s exclusive balsamics and oils) in mind, the cookbook and its recipes are a “culinary odyssey” into the world of fine olive oils and balsamic vinegars, and a super guidebook for helping you choose and use these gourmet ingredients.  We thought this book would be great with a sweet balsamic vinegar like Vermont Maple ($14.75), and a spicy Harissa olive oil ($14.75).

Feeling inspired? Pick out your (or your loved one’s) combination of favorite ingredients, and we’ll help you create your own custom gift set for the holidays, wrapped in colorful tissue in tucked into an AllSpice gift bag.

And last but not least, if you buy two 12 oz bottles of oil or vinegar, we will give you a special ‘Seasonings Greetings’ box to package them up in.