Snack Mixes and Ice Cream: Award-Winning Recipes From the 2014 Iowa State Fair The 2014 Iowa State Fair has come and gone, like the whirlwind that it is.

Dozens upon dozens of delicious entries have all been sampled, the votes duly tallied. The winners have been announced, the awards have all been handed out, the winners’ colorful ribbons proudly displayed.

Best of all, all the award-winning recipes from the AllSpice contests have been entered into the AllSpice recipe database, so we can share them with all of you!’s a breakdown of the top recipes, in the Snack Mix and the Ice Cream categories.

The first-place, blue ribbon winners are marked with an asterisk: *

Snack Mixes

Top overall snack mix recipe (best in all three snack mix contest categories): Kickin’ and Krunchy Snack Mix

Chocolate Snack Mixes


Salty Snack Mixes


Sweet and Salty Snack Mixes


Ice Cream