‘Spicy’ ideas for sticking to your New Year’s resolutions

dipping-spices-and-breadSpices, you say? Yes, of course – at AllSpice, we always find a way to work spices (and oils and balsamics, and other tasty ingredients) into the solutions to our biggest challenges.

So many new year’s resolutions revolve around three big themes: healthier living, eating well, and cleaning and organizing your life.  That’s the message we see this week in the newspapers and magazines, and all of the other ads that I see: we’re working out, let’s start eating better, we’ll be getting organized and cleaning up.

So those sorts of resolutions naturally lead us to think about (surprise) making some tweaks to what we’re doing. eating, and contemplating a cleanup of the spice cabinet.

spicerackGet tidy. Dried herbs and spices, and peppers and salts, stored in a cool, dry place, have a long shelf life. Opinions vary as to just how long, but here’s a good overview of how long spices (and other culinary ingredients) will keep.

Get organized. If you want to really go big with your the New Year’s reorganization, we have some gorgeous spice racks to help you organize your spices as well.  We have spice racks that sit neatly on the counter or in the cupboard (right, $45), and other racks that hang on your wall (below).

Reminder: this is also a great time to use that AllSpice gift certificate that you might have recently received.


Eat well. We won’t make health claims, but we can say that AllSpice herbs and spices, and our gourmet oils and fine balsamic vinegars, are an easy, inexpensive way to add great flavor to dishes without adding many extra calories (often adding none at all!).

herbs-bouquet-garniAllSpice owner Rory Brown shared some of his favorite flavors for mid-winter cooking: “One of my favorite go-to spice blends I use this time of year is Bouquet Garni ($4.45 1/2 Cup jar). It’s the perfect addition to soups on these cold winter days. When days are short and cold outside, I tend to use the slow cooker more so that my dinner is ready when I get home and I have more time to relax in the evening.

He continues: “I’ve been using more gourmet oils and deep balsamic vinegars for roasting winter vegetables that accompany my dinners – and also for making salads.   Some of my favorite pairings this time of year are Fig Balsamic ($14.75/bottle) and Blood Orange Olive Oil ($15.50/bottle) for salads, and I match Chipotle Chile Olive Oil ($14.75/bottle) for roasting vegetable with a little drizzle of Fig Balsamic to dress it up when I take the pan out of the oven.

Want more ideas? Browse over 1,000 entries in our recipe database, and peruse over five years’ worth of articles on the AllSpice blog.