Spicy Thymes – Rosemary Focaccia Bread

This past Wednesday, October 16, was World Bread Day and Andy celebrated with a recipe from Romano’s Macaroni Grill. He made a few small changes to the recipe that resulted in two delicious loaves of rosemary foccaccia bread.

By replacing the butter in the recipe with our Rosemary Olive Oil, Andy was able to give this bread an extra kick of flavor.

Additionally, just before baking, Andy brushed the loaves with Picual EVOO before baking and sprinkled the tops with flaky Sea Salt. A little salt over a baked good is an easy way to boost flavor.

The recipe he used can be found here.

Next Time… This is a such a great basic bread recipe, we are excited to try it with other flavors of olive oil. Our Butter, Basil, or Tuscan Herb olive oils would be fabulous in this bread.

More On… Rosemary Olive Oil – This simple herb-infused oil is a great addition to your cooking oil collection. From egg dishes to stir-fry recipes, it adds just enough rosemary flavor to the dish without overpowering the recipes’ main ingredients. Wonderful as a dressing, try pairing Rosemary Olive Oil with our Traditional or Red Apple balsamic vinegars.

Rosemary Olive Oil ($15.50/bottle) is available while supplies last in-store and online.