Spicy Thymes: Under Pressure

Millions of foodies have purchased one of the new-school electronic pressure cookers (you know, the pot that cooks things nearly instantly). We’re always shocked when we hear folks say theirs sit untouched on the counter.

Maybe it’s residual fear from that time Grandma Hazel blew the lid off the old-school pressure cooker, painting the ceiling with ham and split-pea soup?  Perhaps it just feels more complicated than regular cooking?

We’re here to assure you it’s neither complicated nor dangerous (anymore). In fact, the AllSpice crew prepares pressure cooked meals several times a week because it’s simple to do and cuts cooking time dramatically (by nearly 30% in most cases).

How does it work?

Liquid is the key. Pressure cookers cook by increasing…well…the pressure.  And it’s steam which makes that happen. The higher pressure increases the boiling point of the liquid, allowing for higher temperatures which cook foods faster.

What can I make?

When we think about pressure cooking, soups and pasta dishes are usually what come to mind. The new, electronic variety of pressure cookers is much more versatile, however, allowing you go beyond soups and pastas. We’ve used ours to hard boil eggs, bake cakes, and even make creme brulee.

Where can I find recipes?

We love our pressure cooker so much we’ll be working to add pressure cooking recipes to our online library (Have a favorite? Share it with us!)  In the meantime, there are several great sources for good pressure cooking recipes. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Pinterest: A simple search for “pressure cooker recipes” finds hundreds and hundreds of results. Most we’ve tried have turned out pretty well.
  • Pressure Luck: Created by Jeffrey Eisner, who’s a stitch, this site is chock-full of recipes he’s created, which are tried and true (they’ll turn out every time).

Still nervous about getting started? Start with Rory’s Easy Beef Stew recipe. It’s quick, delicious, and uncomplicated. Give it a try and let us know what you think. Grandma Hazel would be so proud!