Spicy Thymes – What We Eat

AllSpicer Chris, making a fancy Christmas cocktail

Here at AllSpice we’re all about making the food we love taste great, using our olive oils, vinegars, herbs spices and other ingredients from our shelves. We also love the uniqueness of each person’s cooking style and the stories and traditions that go along with the food.

We’re blessed with a team of AllSpicers who cover a lot of ground with their broad range of appetites and cooking styles.  In our new blog series Spicy Thymes, we’ll explore the foods we love along with their stories and traditions.

Here’s a bit about the variety you can expect from a few of our AllSpicers:

Anna V. – “The All About Leftovers One”
Anna tries to eat a mostly plant based diet, only cooking a chicken dish about once a month. While she does enjoy the occasional burger when dining out, pork and dairy are solid no-go. Anna often tries to find recipes where she can freeze the leftovers for quick and easy lunches. She’s made it her life goal to see how many foods she can replace with carrots in her cooking.

Chris – “The Adventurous One”
Chris (pictured above) is our Chef-in-Chief. After graduating from Iowa Central’s Culinary Program, he developed a passion for Korean food. He never ceases to amaze us with his Instagram-worthy dishes. Chris is a traditionalist in his Korean cooking, and he has brought in a burner on more than one occasion to properly cook his lunch.

Andy (L) and Rory (R)

Andy – “The Basic One”
Andy is a classic Iowa cook. A self-proclaimed master in casseroles, he has a talent for tossing a little “AllSpice flair” into the dishes we all know and love. Andy loves most food, as long as it doesn’t involve truffles (mushrooms are fine), beets (they taste like dirt), or organ meat.

Rory – “The I’ll-Try-Anything-Once One”
When it comes to Rory, what can’t he do? From Instant Pot dinners to days spent tending to the smoker out back, he has a unique talent for finding the perfect spice combination for any dish. While he cooks dinner ‘most every night (he *is* a spice-store owner, after all), Rory also enjoys dining out at locally-owned restaurants. Rory often brings in homemade treats for the crew, and it’s one of the many reasons we love him. Rory also has a knack for tasting food and being able to break it down and tell you what ingredients are in it. With Rory, you usually get dinner and a show!

As we share with you more about the foods we love, we hope you’ll join in on the conversation!