Spicy Thymes – Chickpea Patties

Is there anything chickpeas can’t do? A delicious snack on their own, I’ve used chickpeas to make tacos, soups, stir-fries, falafel, salads, and sandwiches. Not to mention hummus, the greatest condiment of all time.

As a sandwich spread, pizza topping, salad dressing, dessert, or simple dip on its own, you can’t go wrong with hummus. I almost always pick up a can of chickpeas when I’m at the grocery store, making a dish with them at least once a week.

A favorite chickpea recipe of mine is Chickpea Patties. From start to finish, the recipe takes about 30 minutes, with just enough down time for a Carole King dance party. I once made chickpea patties for a friend who is practically a carnivore and they described them as “actually good,” the highest compliment they’ve ever given to my vegan cooking. (Another time, a Ratatouille I made was described as “vegetables and sadness”, so you’ll understand how proud I was to receive this compliment.) I’ve found that these patties satisfy my burger craving when it overtakes me, without the recipe trying to approximate fake meat.

The very best part: this recipe dirties only 4 dishes! The number of dishes I will have to wash afterward tends to be a large factor in what I make, which is just another reason this recipe is in frequent rotation at my house.

This weekend, I seasoned my patties with our Texas Chili Seasoning, Paprika, SumacSmoked Black Pepper, carrots and parsley. The full recipe I used can be found here, but you’ll notice I didn’t do a great job of following it. I’m big fan of making it up as I go.

It’s part of what I love so much about my job. This is far from the only recipe I make differently every time. Different spice combinations can keep a staple dish from getting old. Having a base recipe I know I like allows me to be more creative in how I season it. I usually start with a blend, building on the flavors in place by adding 2 or 3 additional spices. Sometimes it’s a total fail, half the time I forget what I’ve used, but every time is a chance to try something new.

With all the smoky flavors this weekend, I decided to top them with our Russ and Frank’s Sassy BBQ sauce. A few slices of red onion, tomato, and lettuce and this patty (dare I say burger?) was complete. My friend suggested we toast the buns and they brushed them with Butter Olive Oil before placing in the oven. I was very grateful for the tip on that one.

I was able to make to 6 patties, and I’ve packed one for lunch tomorrow. I think will freeze the other three for quick dinners down the road. What could be better than a good recipe that leaves even better leftovers?

Next Time…
I’ve made this recipe a lot, but the BBQ sauce was a new topping. Every time I use this sauce, I am confused as to why I don’t use it every night. Next time, I’m going for a full BBQ flavor. Pig Powder, Smoked Sweet Paprika, and pinch of Habanero Salt is a tried and true combination. This easy slaw recipe would also be a great topping.

I also want to try using aquafaba as my binder, instead of the flax egg. Aquafaba is the liquid from a can of chickpeas whipped until it is lightly and fluffy, like beaten egg whites. Several friends have had good luck with this method, and I already have the can of chickpeas open!

More On…
Flax Eggs – This vegan egg substitute is a favorite of mine. It’s pretty basic, 2 tablespoons water + 1 tablespoon ground flax seed = 1 egg. Just mix together and allow to rest for about 10 minutes – it will thicken and become almost like slime. I tend to make mind slightly thick, some recipes recommend a 2.5:1 or 3:1 ratio instead. I like to start with less water, it’s always easy to add more if you feel it’s needed.

I’ve found this egg substitute works in nearly all baked goods, although it does have slightly nutty flavor. Chia seeds can be used instead, although you may see black flecks in the final product.