Spicy Thymes – Just Desserts

It was rainy week here in Des Moines, so when I learned that National Dessert Day is October 14th, it seemed like the perfect excuse to break out one my grandma’s old recipes. A few months ago, I texted my grandma to see if she knew where I could find good almond paste here in town. She wasn’t sure so instead she just mailed some from the bakery in her home town. I was able to freeze most it, making several Dutch treats over the summer.

I put on Dana Schwartz’s Noble Blood (Marie Antoinette did NOT say ‘Let Them Eat Cake’) and decided on an Almond Butter Cake

This cake has a pretty simple ingredient list, the hardest part of “making” it is having to wait for it to finish baking. I was feeling a little “extra” and decided to top my cake with sliced almonds and sugar. That part may not be traditional, but a little crunch goes a long way in my book.

I love being able to share recipes with you all, but this one stays in the family. Just know if you’ve ever had almond butter cake, my grandma’s is better. Mine is no where near as good as hers, but I do my best. It’s more about the chance to revisit the memory of learning to bake with her. My love of baking was born in my grandma’s kitchen. She taught me the importance of choosing high quality ingredients, taking your time, and adding a little bit of love.

It wasn’t just cakes. Grandma made sure I knew how to properly make Sinterklaas Cookies and Dutch Letters. Both of those recipes take two days and teach 10-year-olds a lot about patience. Part of me thinks we drove her a little crazy with our questions. Plus, there was the time we made all the letters in the shape of an ‘R’, because why not? But she always invited us back. It’s a great feeling to share to these childhood memories with folks in my life today.

Keep it Simple…
Dessert doesn’t have to take all day! If baking isn’t your thing, take a page out of AllSpicer Chris’s book. A high-quality olive oil drizzled over ice cream takes a simple dessert to the next level. Try our Blood Orange Olive Oil over fresh strawberry ice cream.

If olive oil seems to strange, try reducing a fruity balsamic for a low-sugar syrup!

From You…
We would love to see what desserts you love. Share your treats with us on Instagram for the chance to be featured on our page! Don’t forget – you can always share recipes with us here or by e-mail anna@allspiceonline.com.