Spotlight Spice: AllSpice Gourmet Mushrooms

This week we’re shining the AllSpice spotlight on our collection of gourmet mushrooms. Why? Because sweater weather is here, and mushrooms are a perfect addition to many of our favorite savory, cold-weather comfort dishes!

We carry several varieties of dried gourmet mushrooms, each packed full of rich flavor and texture. It’s easy to grab a few varieties to keep on hand in the pantry since they don’t spoil like the fresh version. We recommend using them in one of two ways: by rehydrating or crushing into a fine powder.

The rehydration method is perfect in place of fresh mushrooms. Use it when adding mushrooms to risottos, pasta dishes, and sauces. Water works great for rehydrating; however, the mushrooms will absorb the flavor of the liquid you use to rehydrate, which you can use to your advantage. Use broth or stock, red or white wine, or beer to create a unique flavor for your dish.

To rehydrate, soak the mushrooms in your choice of liquid for at least 15 minutes. Next, drain them. Don’t toss the water! You can use it to deglaze a pan or add rich flavor to a sauce. Lastly, give one a taste. If it’s at all gritty, you’ll want to give the mushrooms a quick rinse before using them in your recipe.

The crushed method is amazing for adding a great mushroom flavor to dishes you don’t want large pieces of mushroom in. Adding mushroom in powder form is a wonderful option for burgers, meatloaf, steaks, casseroles, soups and more. We like to use a mortar and pestle to crush the mushrooms, but a food processor or spice grinder will work equally well.

Pull on your favorite sweater and swing by the shop (or web shop) to grab a bag or two to try!