Spotlight Spice (and a New Name): Iowa Pork BBQ Rub

AllSpice customer favorite Pig Powder is getting a new name! Over the next few weeks you’ll see us begin to transition this quintessential BBQ rub to its new name, Iowa Pork BBQ Rub. Fear not, it’s still the same great product you love!

“Tennessee might be known for it’s BBQ,” says AllSpice owner Rory, “but Iowa is known for its pork! Iowans love delicious BBQ pork, and this name change pays homage to that love.”

Our Iowa Pork BBQ Rub is a perfect blend of sweet, BBQ flavors. The sweetness comes from sugar, which also helps the rub caramelize nicely as it cooks. It’s nicely balanced with flavors of garlic, paprika, and chili powder.

The easiest and most obvious way to use the Iowa Pork BBQ Rub is to rub your pork chop, ribs, or loin thoroughly with the rub prior to grilling or smoking. You can also make a paste from the rub by using your favorite extra virgin olive oil – we particularly like citrus fused oils like our Eureka Lemon or Persian Lime olive oils. It’s also a good base blend, which is easy to add some of your other favorite flavors to. For example, Rory likes to make a mix of 2 parts Iowa Pork BBQ Rub, 1 part Espresso Rub, 1 part Mo’Rub for his ribs.

This blend’s usefulness goes beyond pork and the grill, however. It’s the key ingredient in a state-fair-winning party mix, is an excellent seasoning for homemade potato chips, and is great for roasting seeds and root vegetables. Find our favorite recipes featuring our Iowa Pork BBQ Rub in the AllSpice recipe library.

If you’ve not tried this blend, pick up a jar in the online shop and you’ll understand what all the fuss is about. It’s TERRIFFIC!