Spotlight Spice: Cancun Rub

This week’s spotlight spice brings the flavors of the Yucatan Peninsula home – it’s our Cancun Rub! Described by 12-year-old customer Nathan R. as “a little taco-y, but more interesting,” our Cancun Rub is subtly Mexican, but not as bold as a taco seasoning blend. It’s a great multipurpose rub for meats and veggies.

We asked Nathan’s family to share the ways they like to use the Cancun Rub, and here’s what they said: “We use the blend to season ground beef for homemade baked taquitos, to add a bit of pep to a plain old quesadilla, and in our guacamole for a subtle yet distinct flavor twist. It’s also great for seasoning grilled shrimp (which we enjoy with mango salsa) or for seasoning fajitas. In a pinch, we’ve used it along with chile powder and cumin as a beef taco seasoning.”

This blend tastes a bit citrusy and likes to hang out with lime. It’s tropical with floral notes which aren’t overly pungent. It’s a flavorful blend, but it isn’t spicy.

It’s more economical than a trip to Cancun, so pick up a jar to bring Cancun to you. Try out Nathan’s family’s suggestions above or let us know your favorite way to use this blend in the comments below.