Spotlight Spice – Chai Spice Blend

Chai actually means tea, but the word has come to be associated with a specific blend of spices. The bold flavor of cardamom blends beautifully with rich cinnamon, allspice, and ginger in our Chai Spice Blend.

This spice blend goes beyond tea. The AllSpicer staffers love to use at as an all-purpose baking spice, adding it to breads, waffles, cookies, candies, muffins, cakes, and oatmeal. Chai Spice Blend gives the perfect fall flair to any baked good.

Brew a little bit in your coffee ,or stir into hot chocolate for a drink that we think actually knocks pumpkin pie spice down a peg. This year, Chai Spice Blend will be added to our updated Fall Harvest gift box, alongside Apple Pie Spice, Pumpkin Pie Spice, and our Mulling Spice Blend.

Sweets not your thing? Try adding a little of the blend to your next pork or beef roast, or sprinkle a little Chai Spice Blend over a rack of slow-roasted ribs. Blend a spoonful of Chai Spice Blend with olive oil and a dark balsamic vinegar for the perfect fall dressing.

Sound yummy to you? You can try the Chai Spice Blend for yourself this weekend in our Pumpkin Chai Cookies.

It tastes especially great when the weather starts to get cold, but our Chai Spice Blend is available year-round, in-store and on-line.