Spotlight Spice – European Blend Mushrooms

Why does the mushroom always get invited to parties? Because he’s a fun-gi!

Our European Blend of mushrooms is a “party of flavor,” perfect for soups, stuffings, stir-fries and more! Each of the 7 mushrooms in this variety bring something different to the dish.

Morel – If you’re from Iowa, you probably don’t need much explanation on Morels. Hard to put into words, the Morel flavor is slightly buttery, a little bit nutty, with the classic mushroom ‘meat’ flavor. If you haven’t already, try them – chances are you’ll fall in love.

Chanterelle – Softer than most mushrooms, Chanterelles add a nice texture to the mix. Their almost velvet constancy is paired with deep earthy flavors and a hint of pepper. When found fresh, these mushrooms can be eaten raw and have an almost fruity flavor.

Black Trumpet – Another buttery mushroom, these are a favorite for vegetarian dishes. When cooked, Black Trumpets take on a smokey flavor, with just a touch of sweetness. These are AllSpicer Anna’s favorite mushrooms.

Porcini – One of our most popular mushrooms, and boy are these addictive! Their flavor is intense, and their rich, earthy notes will shine in every dish. By themselves, these are awesome in Italian dishes.

Lobster – As the name might suggest, these mushrooms might remind you of shellfish. The Lobster is bright in color, making is a pleasant visual addition to this blend.

Shiitake – Similar to Black Trumpets, this sliced mushroom has a smoky, buttery flavor. When cooked, Shiitakes have an almost sponge like texture.

Bolete – Lastly, the umami mushroom. Boletes have a flavor similar to the others, and are known to punch up the mushroom flavor in dishes. They do just that in this blend, amplifying the rich mushroom flavor when this blend is added to your dish.

A few things to remember…

Mushrooms grow in the dirt, (duh) so it’s important to wash these before you add them to a dish. Simply rinse in cold water before re-hydrating to remove any dirt or stones that may be lodged in the dried mushrooms.

Just as dried fruits don’t taste exactly like fresh fruits, dried mushrooms have different flavor profiles than their fresh counterparts. If you’re not a fan of the fresh version a particular type of mushroom, be sure to give their dried sibling a chance before you judge — you may be quite surprised by what you discover!

Our European Mushroom Blend is $13.50 / bag and available in the shop or in our online store.