Spotlight Spice – Ginger

As we head into the winter and holiday seasons, ginger is sure to be top-of -mind when it comes to spices. Ginger’s slight bite makes it stand out in any dish, but it can be difficult to know which form of ginger is best for your particular dish. Read on and we’ll demystify this Island Southeast Asian spice:

Powdered Ginger – Best for baked goods, the powder will evenly incorporate with other ingredients, so you’re sure to get a bit of ginger in every bite. Powdered Ginger ($4 per 1/2 Cup jar) is also our preference for homemade spice blends for the same reason.

Crushed Ginger – Can be used as-is or rehydrated in water in place of fresh ginger. Crushed Ginger ($4.15 per 1/2 Cup jar) is a great addition to stir-fries and soups because of it’s unique texture and bursts of flavor. Use it in rubs.  It’s particularly good when creating a crust for pork roast.

Crystallized Ginger – Is it a spice, or is it a fruit snack?  The world will never know! The sliced version ($5.20 for 4oz bag) is an easy and delicious snack on its own or added to trail mixes and granola for a bit of bite. The diced version ($6.20 per 1/2 Cup jar) is perfect for adding extra flavor and texture to breads, cookies, muffins, and more!

We love ginger so much sometimes one-type-per-recipe isn’t enough! Our Triple Ginger Cookies, for example, use powdered giger for even flavor, and crystallized ginger for added texture.  There’s also some fresh ginger in there, too, for good measure. We think these cookies (a kind of  “AllSpice Signature” cookie) are delicious, but you don’t have to take our word for it.  Stop in to sample these cookies during the East Village Promenade this weekend, and, if you love them like we do, pick up a Triple Ginger Cookie Kit to make your own at home!