Spotlight Spice: Gust Pizza Co. Pizza Seasoning Blend

This Friday (Oct. 9) is International Beer and Pizza day – and you’d better bet we’re not going to let that one pass without celebrating! We’re getting out one of our favorite blends, created by the guys at Gusto Pizza Co. – it’s the aptly-named Gusto Pizza Co. Pizza Seasoning Blend!

For pizza out, Gusto is our go-to. And it’s because they consistently create some seriously delicious and creative pies. The Deburgo is a Des Moines-inspired favorite, and we love the Asian flare of the spicy Thai Kwon Dough (see what they did there?). But sometimes we’ve got a hankering for a homemade pizza. There’s just nothing quite like it. It’s almost as if restaurant pizza and homemade pizza are two completely different things.

What’s consistent is our love of (liberally) shaking the jar of Gusto Pizza Co. Pizza Seasoning Blend over each slice. In fact, it’s become as critical at the table on pizza night as the shaker of parmesan cheese and the jar of Crushed Red Pepper Chile.

Gusto Pizza Co. Pizza Seasoning Blend is far from a one-trick pony. We also like to use it as a sandwich sprinkle, seasoning for red sauce, topper for our garlic bread, and sprinkled atop a dish of extra virgin olive oil as a bread dipper.

You can find a jar to take home in the shop, the online store, or at one of the Gusto Pizza Co. locations in the Des Moines area. Grab a jar, a pie, and your favorite beer and celebrate!