Spotlight Spice: Hell Raising Hot Sauce

A goHell Raising Hot Sauce od hot sauce has a million and one uses, and the folks at Hellraising Hot Sauce know what they’re doing! These unique sauces are packed with flavor, perfect for everything from a pot of chili to a perfect Bloody Mary.

I know you’re not supposed to mess with a good thing, but by adding one or two ingredients to each sauce you can create a whole new sauce, with even more uses!

Green Fever Hellraising Hot Sauce


The Green Fever Sauce, made with serrano peppers and lime, is an AllSpicer favorite for chicken tacos. AllSpicer Anna combines this with stewed tomatoes in a food processor for a simple and quick enchilada sauce.


Forbidden Fruit Hellraising Hot Sauce

Forbidden Fruit hot sauce, the perfect combination of sweet and heat, is a wonderful glaze for tofu. Made with jalapenos and apple, try mixing Forbidden Fruit with a fruity balsamic for a wonderful oyster granita. (More on that process here.)

Sweet Suffering Hellraising Hot Sauce


The blend of habanero and pineapple in Sweet Suffering make it the go-to sauce for pulled pork. With a little pineapple juice and your favorite sweet barbecue sauce it becomes an amazing glaze for grilled chicken or pork.

Triple Infereno Hellraising Hot Sauce


Lastly, the Triple Inferno – habanero + serrano + jalapeno chiles in a single bottle – friends, this hot sauce is not messing around. Stir into simple syrup for sweet-and-spicy stir-fry sauce.



There are so many different ways to use these four varieties of Hellraising Hot Sauce, and we would love to hear you tips and tricks! Share your ideas with or on our Facebook Page.

Be sure to stop by the store this Saturday, September 28th, to sample all four Hellraising sauces and meet the creators!