Spotlight Spice: Jamaican Curry Blend

This week’s Spotlight Spice is our Jamaican Curry Blend.  If you’re like us, when you think of curries or curry powder, you often think of Indian food. Curries are actually quite common throughout the world, including in places like Britain, Thailand (see our Thai Coconut Green Curry Blend), Japan, China, and even the Caribbean. These curries often feature local ingredients which reflect unique flavor preferences for local cuisine.

Late this summer we added our Jamaican Curry Blend to the AllSpice curry collection. Like many curries, this blend reflects a convergence of cuisine and culture, this time in the Caribbean Islands.  Jamaican influences bring allspice and bay leaf to classic Indian curry spices like coriander, turmeric, and chiles. You’ll pick up on sweet and floral spices as well as a bit of a kick from habanero chiles.

In the Caribbean Islands, curries are typically prepared with chicken or goat as the protein and are served with steamed rice and peas. You can use our blend to prepare traditional dishes like this, but it also works well with a variety of beef and veggie dishes. We recommend trying it as a rub or seasoning for chicken, pork, or beef or to season vegetables. Add a bit of water or broth and you can achieve a stew-like consistency.

This blend is also nice mixed with sour cream or yogurt for a flavorful dip or spread, or as a seasoning for fries or other potato dishes, giving them a warm and flavorful kick.

If you love curries or Caribbean cuisine, you’ll love this blend. Pick up a jar and let us know what you think!