Spotlight Spice: Spiced Nuts Kit

National Nut Day is Thursday, y’all! How are you planning to celebrate? A candy bar? Peanut cluster? A healthy helping of unsalted mixed nuts? Well, we know what we’ll be enjoying…a delicious batch of famous AllSpice Spiced Nuts!

Since National Nut Day celebrates more than one nut, we’re going to use our Spotlight Spice series this week to celebrate more than one spice: we’re shining the spotlight on the Spiced Nut Kit from our collection of gift sets. The kit contains everything from the shop you need to make your own batch:

  • Cayenne Chile, Powder
  • Chili Powder, Medium
  • Cinnamon, Korintje Ground
  • Cumin, Ground
  • Recipe Card

You’ll use those ingredients along with mixed nuts, unsalted butter, and brown sugar to create a tasty sweet ‘n spicy nut mixture perfect for snacking. The brown sugar and butter combination candies the nuts, with the chili and cayenne powders providing a kick of heat.

The kit makes a great gift for a host, teacher, neighbor, or yourself! Already have the spices in your rack? Grab the recipe from the AllSpice recipe library.

Bon appétit!